​​​What is Loose Parts Adventure Play?​

This year at Meadowlands PS, we have been piloting a Pop-Up Loose Parts Adventure Playground. at regular intervals throughout the year, we set out loose parts (e.g., planks, pvc piping, burlap, stumps, etc.) and allow students to engage in active, freely chosen play. This type of play offers students an opportunity to explore, experiment and be creative. Students learn to take risks and work collaboratively with peers while solving problems and developing resilience. Learning in the Adventure Playground is emergent, flowing from what interests students. By observing their play, teachers at Meadowlands PS then link their experiences with the Big Ideas and expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. 

​We are currently piloting a Loose Part Play Project for the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) which involves the planning (e.g., purchasing OCDSB approved loose parts), implementing (e.g., managing risks), delivering (e.g., setting up age-appropriate pedagogical provocations) and assessing outdoor experiences with everyday objects (e.g., making links back to the Ontario Curriculum).

As students regularly and repeatedly visit the Adventure Playground and experiment with loose parts, we observe a significant impact on student achievement and well-being (e.g., socio-emotional, cognitive and physical). We are documenting these stories and sharing our experiences within our school community, our school district and beyond. This model will be cost-effective and scalable within the OCDSB and other publicly funded school boards in Canada.

Loose Parts Lesson:

Click on the link below to view the Learning Outside with Loose Parts Learning Module we developed with our students for the Canada C3 Digital Classroom:  https://canadac3.ca/en/learning-resource/learning-outside-loose-parts/ 

Thinking outside