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Examples of our Presentations and Workshops:

  • Rain or Shine: Let's Learn Outside
  • E-STEAM & Nature-Based Learning
  • Mathematics & Nature-Based Learning
  • Outdoor Makerspace: Unleashing Creativity in Nature
  • Mindfulness
  • How to Set Up a Loose Parts Adventure Playground
  • Pedagogical Documentation of Nature-Based Learning

Rain or Shine: Let’s Learn Outside
Taking students outside and into nature has a positive impact on their learning and well-being. But how do you set-up a nature-based learning program? This 1, 2, or 3 day workshop explores the fundamentals of planning, implementing and assessing a nature-based learning program in any type of school setting. Whether you have a small kindergarten yard or access to nearby nature, you will leave this workshop with examples of guided, self-guided and experiential learning activities for students K-3 and the confidence to take your students out into nature. Come dressed to go outside!

We all know the importance of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics into the classrooms but the confines of time and space present challenges. By taking students outside, where there is more space to create, play, remix, they are able to fully explore these intracurricular concepts. During this 1, 2, or 3 day workshop participants will learn how to set up an outdoor makerspace, invite students to begin creating  through read alouds, provocations and challenges, and plan a cross-curricular E-STEAM program.

Mathematics & Nature-Based Learning
Students naturally notice quantities, shapes, and sizes while exploring the outdoors and try to make sense of the world around them through mathematics. Think of student exploring the concept of “how-muchness” as they collect fall leaves and tie that learning into data management as they sort them into colours. This 1 or 2 day workshop will guide participants as they explore the concepts of outdoor Mathematics Learning Trails (guided, self-guided and inquiry-based learning trails) and learn ways to bring math class outside and into nature.

Outdoor Makerspace: Unleashing Creativity 
21st Century students need to develop 21st Century skills, such as creativity, in order to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Loose parts play, by using open-ended materials with no fixed definitive use, but high play value, encourages children to tap into their inner inventor, artist, engineer, etc. This 1 or 2 day workshop is designed for educators with previous experience in learning outdoors and in nature. Participants will be introduced to the invention cycle (create, play, remix and share) and to outdoor makerspace set-up.

Our students are living very hurried lives, filled with after-school activities and busy family schedules. Taking time to stop, reflect, and just be is a gift we can offer our students. This half-day workshop will explore a variety of outdoor learning activities which promote mindfulness, including listening walks and the magic of Sit Spots. Participants will create a number of objects including reflection journals, journey sticks, and sit upons.

Loose Parts Adventure Playground in Public Schools
This 2 day workshop is designed for educators with extensive knowledge in outdoor learning who wish to push their practice in a new direction, going from a nature-based learning programme to one which integrates Loose Parts Adventure Play. During this 2 day workshop participants will learn about: engaging principals, parents and students in nature-based learning, conducting Site Risk Assessments, identifying potential hazards on the school yard and implementing control measures to reduce harm, evaluating the impact of nature-based learning on student well-being (e.g., socio-emotional, cognitive and physical) and achievement (e.g., checklists and pedagogical documentation). ​

Pedagogical Documentation of Nature-Based Learning
Taking students outside and into nature can pose a challenge in terms of assessment as, for and of learning as we move away from traditional paper and pencil tasks to a more emergent curriculum model. During this 1 day workshop, participants will consider how to observe, gather evidence of, reflect on, and record student learning during nature-based learning activities, a practice known as Pedagogical Documentation. Documentation panels, digitals portfolios, student-led conferences, and Apps which support PedDoc will be addressed.