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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Environmental Education is woven into the Ontario Curriculum in every subject area and at each grade level. This Ministry of Education document provides a quick reference linking curriculum expectations with environmental education. Have a look at Environmental Education: Scope and Sequence of Expectations (Grade 1 - 8) and discover where Enviro Ed fits into your teaching!

Here are some examples:

Grade One Social Studies

  • A3.4 identify some elements of respectful behaviour that they can practise in their everyday life (e.g., ... not damaging the natural or built environment) and/or that other people practise ...

Grade Two French as a Second Language

  • A2.2 Interacting: respond with understanding to what others say while participating in interactions about familiar, everyday topics (e.g., ... ask and answer questions about local animals and plant life in an inside/outside circle)

Grade Three Arts (Dance)

  • A1.1 imitate movements found in their natural environment in a variety of ways and incorporate them into a dance phrase (e.g., modify the movements of animals, snow falling to the ground, ice melting, plants growing; connect a series of insect-like movements together to make a phrase

Grade Four Physical Education

  • A1.2 demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute to their personal enjoyment of being active (e.g., ... being outdoors) as they participate in a wide variety of individual and small- group activities ...

Grade Five Language

  • B1.4 Creating Media Texts: create a variety of oral media texts using forms, conventions, and techniques appropriate to the purpose and audience (e.g., create a video clip on a[n]... environmental movement or campaign, ...; ... deliver a news report about global warming; ... create a commercial to advertise eco-tourism in Quebec)

Grade Six Science Understanding Life Systems - Biodiversity

  • 2.4 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including classification, biodiversity, natural community, interrelationships, vertebrate, invertebrate, stability, characteristics, and organism, in oral and written communication

No need to reinvent the wheel, Environmental Education is ALREADY part of the Ontario Curriculum. There is something for all students and teachers!

Here is a link to Environmental Education: Scope and Sequence of Expectations (Grade 9 -12)


Ontario Ministry of Eduction, Environmental Education: Scope and Sequence of Expectations (grades k -8), Queen's Printer 2011.

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