• Jacqueline Whelan

Everybody Needs a Rock

We love books! And there is nothing as satisfying as finding a great book that engages students and encourages them to explore their natural surroundings.

We read Everybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor at the beginning of the year, inspiring students to find that just-right, perfect rock. Once students have found their rocks, they live in our classrooms. Students are encouraged to tell their stories to their rocks throughout the school year. If you walked into the classroom during a writing period, you might see rocks randomly on the tables as students struggling with writer’s block tell their great adventures to their rocks.

One year, at the end of the year, we invited our students to give their rocks back to the forest as a gesture of gratitude. By giving their rocks to the forest, generations of children would hear their stories through these story rocks and be inspired by their adventures in the woods. It was a difficult moment for some, but they knew the importance of giving thanks to special places. Giving their story rocks back to the land was the ultimate gift of gratitude.

#readalouds #mindfulness #gratitude

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