• Jacqueline Whelan

Pebbles! Rocks! Stones!

Have you ever heard “clang, clang, clang” when running the dryer? It might just be a special rock that was tucked away in your child's pocket. FInding crystals or gold on the school yard can bring such joy!

Even pre-Mindcraft, children loved to collect rocks. We like to tap into that need to collect rocks and encourage students to discover the names of their much-loved treasures. We have used Rocks and Minerals Field guides in the past to help students identify their rocks, but these guides are generally for more rare specimens.

These Field Guides were a game-changer. Students were more easily able to identify their finds of more commonly found pebbles, rocks and stones (though we are always holding out hope for some schoolyard gold!). Plus, they are available in both English and en français!

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