• Jacqueline Whelan

Yellow Gold

We love dandelions! Not only because they are good for the bees but also because, in the late Spring, we are often gifted bouquets from our students.

Occasionally, the bouquets will contain other beauties such as cow vetch or buttercups. Learning the names in French is an engaging way to acquire vocabulary. Students are thrilled when they can name the flowers. It seems to elevate their finds from weeds to legitimate flowers. Ironically, a dandelion (dent de lion - lion’s tooth has a completely different name in French - “pissenlit”). Here is a link to a bilingual wildflower field guide I made one summer with own children on our very own learning trail - the dirt road to the cottage.

Once students learn to names of these wildflowers, they have been known to save them when their parents are weeding the garden!

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